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Full Auto Day is coming again on Sunday January 21st from 1pm-6pm.  There will be over 20 fully automatic machine guns to rent and try. Including some iconic guns like the Thompson (tommy gun), Browning 1919, AK-47, M-16, Uzi, and more. Come check it out for a once in a life time opportunity!


January 2018 Store and Range Hours

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This month we have some private events and some closing that are not our normal house.  Please see the listing below. If you have any questions please feel free to email us a or call us a 336-969-4867

Black Friday!

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We are excited and look forward to seeing everyone on Friday.

Fall 2017 League Results

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Thank you to all of those who participated in this season’s league, we hope that you had fun and put some of your skills to the test.  The winners are……

1st Place: Dave V. with 3940 points

2nd Place: Tim S. with 3830 points

3rd Place: Ben R. with 3710 points

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who improved week after week. We hope to see you back again in February of 2018!

We also wanted to give a shout out to Grace R. for the most improved shooter!

Can’t see the image below? Click here for a direct link.

League Week 7

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Only 1 week left in our Fall League!

League Week 6

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Dave continues shooting not only accurately but consistently.  Bruce is in 2nd place and Ben is in 3rd place.  In this league, our shooters have been working on firing with one hand, weak hand, and of course, accuracy.  While this often makes it hard to achieve a high score, our league continues to remark on how working on this potential weakness has gained them confidence along the way.  One week to go……good luck shooters!

Click here for week 6 scores


League Week 5

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This week we are going to post the scores via a google sheet. Some people have had issues with the images and to avoid that just click the link below for the MOST up to date scores. (Char, we got your week 2 scores)


Click Here For Scores

League Week 4

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Shout outs to Dave and Carol as they were perfect Week 4. I’m sure Carol thought she’d catch Dave with her perfect 2 target but Dave answered with a perfect 2 target score of his own. Tim also shot well, only having 1 miss, as he is close behind in 3rd place. 

We are having a hard time locating Richard on Tuesdays; he is always hanging out with the league shooters….they are a lot fun in the range and out!!!

Andy Crowned King Pin

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Andy Kiger is our new Bowling Pin King. Okay, so we were 1/2 second away from crowning a Queen Pin instead of a King Pin! He outshot his sister, Kathryn in the championship round but only by a split second.  It was quite a fun night as Paul and Ronnie took the 3rd & 4th spots with good shooting as well.

One of the most exciting head-to-head competitions of the night was Paul & Pops! Since they tied on both points and time, we had a shootoff! Some thought they may have tied again but instead, Pops helped Paul out by shooting his own pin over and sliding it into Paul’s.  Paul said he was about to pull the trigger when he saw his pin fall!  Such great guys and good sports!

Be sure and get in on our next Bowling Pin Shoot!

League Week 3

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Sorry about the delay! But here are this week’s scores.  We hope everyone had fun this week and we will see you again on Tuesday! Be sure to harass Richard if you think he needs to recount your target (good call Al, your score was updated from last week)