League Week 5

October 12, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

This week we are going to post the scores via a google sheet. Some people have had issues with the images and to avoid that just click the link below for the MOST up to date scores. (Char, we got your week 2 scores)


Click Here For Scores

League Week 4

October 4, 2017   |   Posted By: Kim Kinder   Share Share

Shout outs to Dave and Carol as they were perfect Week 4. I’m sure Carol thought she’d catch Dave with her perfect 2 target but Dave answered with a perfect 2 target score of his own. Tim also shot well, only having 1 miss, as he is close behind in 3rd place. 

We are having a hard time locating Richard on Tuesdays; he is always hanging out with the league shooters….they are a lot fun in the range and out!!!

Andy Crowned King Pin

September 28, 2017   |   Posted By: Kim Kinder   Share Share

Andy Kiger is our new Bowling Pin King. Okay, so we were 1/2 second away from crowning a Queen Pin instead of a King Pin! He outshot his sister, Kathryn in the championship round but only by a split second.  It was quite a fun night as Paul and Ronnie took the 3rd & 4th spots with good shooting as well.

One of the most exciting head-to-head competitions of the night was Paul & Pops! Since they tied on both points and time, we had a shootoff! Some thought they may have tied again but instead, Pops helped Paul out by shooting his own pin over and sliding it into Paul’s.  Paul said he was about to pull the trigger when he saw his pin fall!  Such great guys and good sports!

Be sure and get in on our next Bowling Pin Shoot!

League Week 3

September 28, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

Sorry about the delay! But here are this week’s scores.  We hope everyone had fun this week and we will see you again on Tuesday! Be sure to harass Richard if you think he needs to recount your target (good call Al, your score was updated from last week)

League Week 2

September 20, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

All it took was one additional week to split up those scores.  Dave, Carol have the top 2 slots this week while Tim and Ben are tied for third place.  This league is putting the shooters to the test and the scores show it.  If you need to come in during the week and practice, just let the counter staff know and they will grab the targets for you.



League Is Back

September 13, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

In this league, we are focusing on shooting with our non-dominate hand and drawing from a holster.  This is a great way to have fun while doing some practical training.  If you were not here on Tuesday 9/12, you missed a ton of fun but it’s OK, you can come in next week to participate.  The league runs for 8 total weeks on Tuesdays at 10am or 6pm.

We have a 3 way tie for first place. Bruce, Tim and Carol all made perfect scores on the red target followed by an impressive 250/260 score on the Skeleton target.  (I don’t think Richard did that well when he first shot this course!)

We look forward to seeing everyone again next week and remember, there is still time to participate if you want to come have some fun!

Congrats to Joe’s Team!

August 25, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

Last night was a ton of fun; if you were not there last night you missed a great time.  There was so much trash talking followed by so much awesome shooting.  The top shooters were all very impressive. Tom, Richard T. and David V. were not only great sports but also had some impressive scores.  

Joe’s team beat out everyone else to take bragging rights for the rest of the year and some of the ProShots employees will need to go back to Basic Pistol… It’s okay fellas; I went ahead and booked you a seat. See you in the Sept 6th class, it starts at 6pm so don’t be late. 

Member Appreciation Week

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This upcoming week, we would like to say “thanks to our members” by having daily fun events and specials. 

If you are not a member, you can always become one on any day of the week

For pricing, benefits, and information on becoming a member: Click Here


“Bring All Your Friends For Free Monday”

On Monday 7/24, members can enjoy a day on the range 

with family or friends and everyone shoots for free!

“Taco Tuesday”

On Tuesday 7/25, from 11am-2pm, members are invited to join us to build their own tacos! 

Enjoy a free lunch on us, well not literally on us, but on a plate… which we will provide as well.

“Wacky Wednesday”

On Wednesday 7/26, members are invited to bring 50 rounds to shoot (draw) your best picture. (Pistols only, any caliber, @3 yds)

At the end of the day, the staff will choose the best drawing.

1st Prize: 500 Rounds FMJ Pistol Ammo

2nd Prize: 250 Rounds FMJ Pistol Ammo

3rd Prize: 100 Rounds FMJ Pistol Ammo


“Can’t Come Up With A Good Name For 50% off Training Thursday”

We can’t come up with a good name for Thursday, so have 50% off all training!

Training classes (except CCH) booked on this day. 

Just call us on Thursday 7/27 to get your member-exclusive coupon code.


“Frozen Friday”

No, not the Disney movie….

Friday 7/28 11am-2pm

Members are invited to come make their own ice cream sundae or banana splits for FREE!

Looking for a user friendly concealed Carry?

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These 2 sub compact pistols make a great choice for those looking for an easy to use every day carry.

New for 2017 Springfield XD-E 9mm

2 Magazines

Hard lockable case

Fiber optic front sight

Manual safety with de-cocker

Easy to use slide

EXTENDED MAIL-IN REBATE! 4 Free mags, holster, and mag pouch

$419.99 + Tax


Ruger LC380

Larger framed .380

Less recoil (compared to 9mm)

$329.99 + Tax


Full Auto Day at the Range

June 29, 2017   |   Posted By: Kim Kinder   Share Share

Don’t miss out on our 1st ever Full Auto Day Friday, June 30th!!!!  It begins at 12pm and ends at 7:30pm.  Check out our details on the attached flyer.