Sundays @ProShots

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Beginning June 25, we will be open on Sundays from 1pm – 6pm.  We sincerely want to respect and honor that this day has been set aside for rest, family time, worship, and recovering from the week for our customers and for our staff. We feel as if you all are part of our family and realize that shooting, for many, is a family recreation. We want to allow those who would enjoy and benefit from shooting sports, with limited schedules, to engage with their immediate families and with their “shooting” family to do so. Because ProShots has grown sufficiently, we can now open on Sundays and still preserve the same quality of life for our staff as we wish for all of you. We will be happy to see you on Sundays to enjoy recreation and fellowship with our shooting family, after we enjoy recreation and fellowship with our immediate families.

2nd Annual Ladies Personal Defense Seminar

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Back by popular demand, on June 19th, we invite all ladies to attend our FREE Self-Defense Seminar.  We will begin our evening at 6pm discussing safety and fundamentals of self defense, followed by your choice of topics in our breakout sessions. We will wrap up around 8:30.  

$76 Summer Membership

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We know Summer is a busy time, lets face it sometimes you need a vacation from the vacations. That is why we are offering our popular 3 month Summer Membership again for only $76

And the League Winners are…

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1st Place – Jill Rolfes

2nd Place – Paul Boone

3rd Place – Dave Varsik

Congratulations to Jill, Paul and Dave for the best shooting.  Also, way to go Dave who ended our league with a perfect target! We’ve never been more grateful for our league than this season.  It was our first attempt at a handicapped league and the consensus was that it was fun and competitive for all level of shooters.  Even though a shooter may have had a higher handicap, consistency was still the key!  Many thanks to all our shooters that make our Tuesdays so much better.  


Our Fall League will begin on September 5th.  Be sure and give us a call to join.  Have a great summer.

Spring League Week 7

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Wow, only one week left and ProShots’ own Richard Talbert has taken the lead… but since he works here he doesn’t count. (no matter how much he things he does) When it comes to the actual scores, Paul Boone has taken the lead, but Jill was not able to shoot this week and once she makes up her scores could easily win.  After you shoot next week please plan to hang out after for refreshments and general trash talking.

Week 6 League Scores

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Jill has come back and is in the lead followed close behind by Paul!

It has been a ton of fun grading these targets and seeing the lead shooters change every week.  All shooters need to do their best, at this rate anyone could take a spot in the top 3. 

Week 5 League Scores

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Congratulations to Joey H! Joey is one of our favorite shooters and this is the first time in 3 years that he has placed in the top three places, congratulations.  

We thought that everyone would find the raw scores interesting:

Dave : 425

Paul B, Ben R, and Dave V: All have 390

There is only an 11 shot difference between everyone in 3rd through 11th place. So there is still a chance for everyone to place in the top 5. 


Spring League Week 4

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We are half way through this season and Jill and Ben are in the lead.  The handicap has brought a competitive edge and leveled out several of the scores. We are looking forward to seeing how the rest of this season shapes up. 

Spring League Week 3

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First of all, we would like to thank everyone for your patience last week. The unexpected roof maintenance threw us off but we are back full swing!  

This is our first handicapped league and after looking at the scores it appears that shooters of all levels will be put to the test.

Jill and Colleen are in a tie for first, followed closely by Ben.  We can only imagine the trash talking that will be taking place back at Ben and Jill’s house!

Bowling Pin Shoot 4-12-17

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We are excited to be bringing back more events like our popular Bowling Pin Shoot.  For those who have not participated in this event, it is very simple.  12 bullets vs 6 pins, whoever knocks down more pins with less bullets wins! We had 16 competitors with a wide variety of skill sets, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Don came out the winner in the end beating out Joe in our double elimination bracket. What makes this event different is that sometimes luck can make all the difference. 

1st Place: Don B

2nd Place: Joe W

3rd Place: Paul B

4th Place: Robert W