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We have decided to give you so many fun, affordable reasons to come to the range this summer that you’ll think you’re on vacation. Without the worries of sunburn, you can spend your days with us.

Free Seminar Tuesdays 

Richard, Kyle, Josh, Paul, & Malcolm are instructing various seminars throughout the summer.  Choose one of these seminar topics that might interest you and plan on joining us.

One-Time Events 

Whether you want to shoot bowling pins, golf balls, or steel plates with your AR-15, we have an event for you.  On this list of fun events this summer, you’ll find Daddy/Daughter Night, Couples Date Night, Girls Night Out, and much more.

 About proshots

ProShots is an eight-lane, high-quality indoor gun range, training facility and full-service retail store conveniently located next to US Highway 52, ten minutes north of downtown Winston-Salem. We offer a variety of classes and training opportunities in our comfortable classroom, including our widely acclaimed North Carolina Concealed Carry Class. ProShots encourages, but does not require membership to enjoy our facility. ProShots prides itself on great customer service, knowledgeable staff, fair prices and a world-class range.

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Jeremiah is the new Golf Ball Champion! Jun 17, 2016

Jeremiah won our golf ball shoot last night with his .22 pistol. After winning the winner’s bracket, Jeremiah came up against a tough Marc Leonard. Marc had fought his way through 6 rounds in the loser’s bracket and actually beat Jeremiah one time but Jeremiah came back on the second face off and won it all!

Check out all 20 competitors in the tournament bracket. Several of the seasoned competitors were eliminated early because of some fantastic shooting. It was a great evening! Thanks again to everyone who came out.  We expect to see you at our Bowling Pin Shoot on June 30th.

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Jenna is our new champion! May 25, 2016

Congratulations to Jenna! You surpassed all the other league shooters with one of our all time high scores! It was great to see everyone improve this season. These targets were not the easiest to shoot. Many of our competitors came in often to practice and it showed!  Each competitor shoots 500 rounds each week which makes the battle between Garrett and Richard for 2nd and 3rd places seem even crazier in that it was only separated by 7 shots. 4th and 5th places were also a close call with only 4 shots separating Kim and Paul.  Maybe this summer, we should get everyone together for a friendly rematch.  We appreciate all of those who participated and we look forward to seeing more people get involved in our next season, starting in September. Be sure to tell your friends!



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League Results 5/17/16 May 19, 2016

One week left!

It looks like the Howell siblings are both in the top 5 but there is only a 70 point difference between 3rd, 4th, and 5th place so it is still anyone’s game.  Next week will be very interesting to see how the scores settle in.  If you have make up days you only have next week, so be sure to get here a bit early!

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Jenna, Richard and Garrett make up our top 3 with 2 weeks left! May 11, 2016

Richard got his first perfect score on target one this week, but it was not enough to knock Jenna out of the top spot!  You can also see that most people in the league are on a positive trend, proving that practice makes perfect.  We see a lot of the folks in the top 5 slots in the shop throughout the week practicing; not just for the league but just improving their skills in general.

Be sure to stop by the range and ask some of our instructors how you can improve your scores!


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League Results 5/3 May 5, 2016

The tables have turned! Jenna is now in the top spot but Richard is within striking distance! A few folks still have to make up a week here or there so after everyone gets caught up we will have a more accurate picture of the rankings. Good luck!

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League Results 4/26/16 Apr 27, 2016

Richard continues to lead the league with some terrific shooting.  He is always looking to improve as he asks Larry how do I get better. Kim and James are in a close race for 2nd with Paul close behind. Irishman was shooting his 357 and had his highest score to-date with a 415.  Jenna Howell has a 3 week average of 460!!

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