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ProShots is an eight-lane, high-quality indoor gun range, training facility and full-service retail store conveniently located next to US Highway 52, ten minutes north of downtown Winston-Salem. We offer a variety of classes and training opportunities in our comfortable classroom, including our widely acclaimed North Carolina Concealed Carry Class. ProShots encourages, but does not require membership to enjoy our facility. ProShots prides itself on great customer service, knowledgeable staff, fair prices and a world-class range.

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League Results 6/30/15 Jul 2, 2015

Congratulation to Bruno who had the highest 2-Target score this week with a 465!!!  Scott had another perfect target this week.  Carol is only 5 off the lead so it’s going to be close going into the 2nd half of the season.

Shooter Category Tar 1 Tar 2 6/30 Score 4 Week Score
Scott Caviness Competitive 300 160 460 1893
Carol Ricena Competitive 289 170 459 1888
Bruno Ricena Competitive 295 170 465 1807
Joey Haley Competitive 262 167 429 1712
Paul Boone Competitive 259 144 403 1688
Pops Eads Competitive 271 147 418 1681
Agnes Davis Competitive 0 0 0 1383
Irishman Competitive 0 0 0 441
Joey Haley Fun 276 167 443 1709
John Koivisto Fun 239 149 388 1136
Jeff Boyles Fun 0 0 0 448
Ray Roseman Fun 0 0 0 379
Carol Ricena SAS 285 155 440 1766
Irishman SAS 275 118 393 1167
John Koivisto SAS 0 0 0 381
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Golf Ball Shoot – Moody Jun 24, 2015

Will Moody is our new golf ball shoot champion!!! He had to beat Paul Boone in the final round.  Congratulations to Will, Paul and everyone for a fun night of shooting.

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (8)

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League Results 6/23/15 Jun 24, 2015

Week 3 wraps up as Scott takes the lead from Carol. It continues to be a 4 point lead!!!  Several of our shooters are shooting in multiple categories which certainly makes it fun.

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League Results 6/16/15 Jun 17, 2015

Carol and Scott are still neck and neck for the lead. They tied on their 2-target score so Carol is still ahead by 4 points. Many were on vacation this week and will be able to make up their missed shoot next week. If you would like to shoot with us and haven’t thus far, feel free to join in at any time.  This league runs for 8 weeks.

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Summer League Results 6/10/15 Jun 10, 2015

League Play began yesterday.  CAROL’s BACK!!!! She started out with the highest score overall.  Our shooters self-selected into one or more of the following categories, Competitive, Fun, & SAS. The maximum value for target 1 is 300 and the maximum value for target 2 is 200.  Scott Caviness already has a perfect target (no shock there)!  We are looking forward to a fun summer league.

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@Proshotsrange Make plans to join us for your next team-building event!!! What an awesome group to spend the evening with! http://t.co/FCMZ8eZKLB

@Proshotsrange Our family fun night has been postponed until July 30th.

@Proshotsrange Will Moody won our Golf Ball Shoot last night! Paul Boone placed 2nd. It was a fun night for all.


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