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ProShots is an eight-lane, high-quality indoor gun range, training facility and full-service retail store conveniently located next to US Highway 52, ten minutes north of downtown Winston-Salem. We offer a variety of classes and training opportunities in our comfortable classroom, including our widely acclaimed North Carolina Concealed Carry Class. ProShots encourages, but does not require membership to enjoy our facility. ProShots prides itself on great customer service, knowledgeable staff, fair prices and a world-class range.

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League Results 4/26/16 Apr 27, 2016

Richard continues to lead the league with some terrific shooting.  He is always looking to improve as he asks Larry how do I get better. Kim and James are in a close race for 2nd with Paul close behind. Irishman was shooting his 357 and had his highest score to-date with a 415.  Jenna Howell has a 3 week average of 460!!

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Scores for 4/19 Apr 20, 2016

We need to talk. If you look at the weekly scores we are all being taken to task by a bearded gunsmith and a teenager.  Overall scores are starting to trend, but John K really improved his second target over the last 2 weeks! We were also missing a few people this week so next week’s score will be a bit more accurate. (We will also see how bad Jenna will beat us)

Just a reminder, the staff scores will not be included in the final rankings. We mainly shoot it for bragging rights here in the shop…



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League Update From 4/12/2016 Apr 13, 2016

Last week everyone was new to the targets; this week we all knew what to expect. I saw several of you come in and practice on the target with the shapes, which appeared to be the harder of the two.  (That is perfectly legal!) I saw that Paul Boone had a huge increase in his score on the silhouette target!

Liz may have just joined our league this week but based on her shooting, the rest of us should watch out!

Also Beckman, Cody, and BJ are team members here at ProShots just shooting the event for fun. Our scores are posted but will not have an impact in the final results.

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Spring League – Week 1 Results Apr 6, 2016

Our Spring Season started yesterday with 7 shooters. If you are interested in joining, then just plan on showing up next Tue, Apr 12 and you can make up your missed shoot. Our team members, Cody and Chris may start participating, but I don’t think it will impact the standings (if you know what I mean).

Richard Morgan is in first place followed by James, and then we have a tie for 3rd.  Who knows, maybe we can knock Richard out of the top spot this season.

Update: Yesterday Cody, Chris B, and our new guy, BJ had Larry run the league for us… It was a TON of fun!  We think Richard Talbert did a great job coming up with the format this season and we look forward to shooting with all of you!

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Announcing Drone Ammo Delivery! Apr 1, 2016

We are proud to announce our newest way to get your ammunition!  Soon we will be able to deliver your additional hunting and target ammo right to your deer stand!  With just a quick phone call, e-mail or order we will dispatch our ammo delivering drone right to you.  Simply show your ID to the onboard camera and the delivery bot will unlock and release your package!

These drones do have a limited range, so it may not be available in your area. Give us a call to check your location!


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New Dueling Tree Champion – Alex Mar 29, 2016

Alex defeated Richard in the finals of our Dueling Tree Steel Plate Competition. This group of shooters had no problem keeping up with the fast pace and many, many rounds of ammo!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us in this event!
Duel Alex

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