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ProShots is an eight-lane, indoor range, training facility, and full-service retail store, conveniently located next to US Highway 52, ten minutes north of downtown Winston-Salem. We offer a variety of classes and training opportunities in our comfortable classroom, including our widely acclaimed North Carolina Concealed Carry Class. ProShots encourages, but does not require membership to enjoy our facility. ProShots prides itself on great customer service, knowledgeable staff, fair prices and a world-class range.

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Winter League Week 6 Results Feb 15, 2017

This week’s top shooters were Dave and Colleen with a score of 480 followed by Jill and Katherine with 470. With only 2 weeks left to shoot,  Andy, Mike, Pops and Bill all have scores that need to be made up. Please let Larry know that you need to do these make ups before shooting.  

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Winter League Week 5 Feb 8, 2017

Even though Carol, Dave, & James all shot a 460 this week, Bill & Katherine actually had the best targets, shooting 470s!   Great job!   Since next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, if you cannot make it to the league you can always come in and do a make-up shoot. 

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Winter League Week 4 Results Feb 1, 2017

We have reached the half way point in our winter league and Carol has taken the lead.  Dave, James and Ben are all putting up a fight to stay on top and could easily take the lead over the next few weeks. We have seen several new faces this season and we would like to […]

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Winter League Week 3 Results Jan 28, 2017

This is the time in each league where practice can make all the difference.  There is now a 2 way tie for first place with Dave and James battling it out for the top slot, followed closely by Ben. 

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Smith & Wesson Shield Package Jan 25, 2017

The Smith and Wesson Shield is one of our most popular concealed carry firearms. It has a great feel and for the price it is a great option for those looking for a reliable and accurate sub-compact 9mm, 40 or even a .45ACP. This week we have a package on the 9mm S&W Shield with […]

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Winter League Week 2 Results Jan 18, 2017

As we expected, these league shooters are moving up and down in the rankings.  Dave and Ben are still holding down the top 2 spots but  Paul has moved into 3rd. I would not count out 10th – 12th places because they are missing some scores. Once they get this week made up,  it’ll be […]

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@Proshotsrange Scott just sent us these photos of his reloading press and prep for his upcoming pistol class at ProShots! Looks... https://t.co/fu8ZhcBjoO

@Proshotsrange Kyle is teaching our CCH class today! Sign up for our next class at https://t.co/3rybNOcU7T https://t.co/Yqae7LMV7E

@Proshotsrange Jeff and Mike took our Defensive Pistol class last night with the M&P shield, that's 250 rounds shot with 8 round... https://t.co/AUYjsg55En


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