ProSHOTS – Gunsmithing

“All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.” -Daniel Boone                   None of which should go very long without a little TLC!

That’s why we have two on-site gunsmiths, to help you inspect, upgrade, and maintain your firearms.     “As for the horse and wife, you are on your own.”

Firearms brought into Proshots for service should ALWAYS:

  • Be unloaded
  • Have actions open (showing clear)
  • Have safeties on (if applicable) 
  • And be carried within a case, holstered, or kept pointed in a safe direction

If live ammunition is stuck/jammed in a firearm:

In the event of a “jam”, within the magazine chamber or otherwise, follow the guidelines listed in the above section, and be sure to inform associate immediately!

How it all works

Repair/General service pricing

Pricing is done on a case by case basis. Many are easily diagnosed and priced over the counter while others may require time to be disassembled, inspected, and test fired. Common services and pricing guides are outlined in the “Gunsmithing Book”, but in no way do they define the limitations of the services we provide. Listed prices are set as guidelines and may vary under certain circumstances. (We will give you a heads up if that is the case)

Find a link to the “Gunsmithing Book” at bottom of page.


If you are like us, the idea of someone having an hourly rate and guessing how much time it will take  (as most gunsmiths do) is less than desirable. That’s why we provide you an exact out-the-door quote that includes parts and labor before you decide whether or not to give us your business.            

Most work orders can be priced over the counter. We do however attach a $20 minimum bench fee to all work orders that are left with us for an estimate to cover inbound and outbound paperwork, as well as time spent on performing diagnostics, looking up parts, etc.

Repair/General services wait time

An ETA will be given with the estimates for services, however, said time may vary due to a backlog of pre-existing work orders. Furthermore, service requests may be delayed as a result of manufacturer availability of required parts for repair.

Accommodation for accelerated work orders

Can be made for firearms that are required for occupational use, defensive applications, or scheduled events such as competitions, or hunting trips. Just let us know what you need, and we will do our best to make it work for you!

How to get started

Just bring in your firearm, fill out a ticket, and let us run a copy of your ID to attach to your work order. It’s that easy!

Link to “Gunsmithing Book” for pricing on common service request



Contact a Gunsmith

Can’t find what you are looking for in the “Gunsmithing Book”, or have a technical question? Feel free to give us a ring or shoot one of our gunsmiths an email directly at: