Rental Firearms

Not only is it a fun, and unique opportunity to have access to our rental fleet.                             One of the best things about ProShots rental program is that you can “test drive” before you buy.   As any firearms instructor will tell you, one size does not fit all. Each firearm has its own weight, grip, recoil factor, front sight picture, and safety features. It is important that all these features work well for you, and your application. That’s why we continue to expand, and update our rental inventory, so you can try multiple firearms before you pull the trigger on a purchase.                                        P.S. Rentals are FREE with all our training options!!!….

Our firearm rentals are

$10 for your first firearm
$5 for each additional firearm
$15 For Suppressors  (ya….. we rent suppressors)


Here is our current list of rental guns:

(Assuming one or more are not in Gunsmithing for a “spa treatment”)


Beretta 92FS D/S   9MM
Beretta Neos   22LR
CAI AK-47   7.62×39
CZ  CZ 75   9mm
Glock Gen 3 G21SF   45ACP
Glock Gen 4 G17   9MM
Glock Gen 4 G19   9MM
Glock Gen 4 G22   40S&W
Glock Gen 4 G23   40S&W
Glock Gen 3 G21   45ACP
Glock 43   9MM
Glock 42   380 ACP
KSA Crickett   22LR
Walther PPQ   9MM
Walther PPS   9MM
Ruger LCP   380ACP
Ruger MKIII   22LR
Ruger LC9   9MM
Ruger SR9   9MM
Ruger SR22   22LR
Ruger SP101   357MAG/38SP
Ruger American   9MM
Ruger 10-22   22LR
Ruger LCR   38 SPL + P
Ruger LCR   357 MAG
S&W 500 MAG   500 S&W
S&W Governor   45LC/410/45ACP
S&W M&P 15-22   22LR
S&W M&P 15   5.56
S&W M&P 40   40S&W
S&W M&P 40C   40S&W
S&W M&P 9   9MM
S&W M&P 9C   9MM
S&W Mod 10   38 SPL
S&W 642 Airweight   38 SPL + P
S&W M&P SHIELD 40   40S&W
S&W M&P 9   9MM
S&W M&P9C   9MM
Sig Sauer PPS   9MM
Sig Sauer 320   9MM
Sig Sauer P238   380ACP
Sig Sauer P938   9MM
Sig Sauer Tacops 1911   45ACP
Sig Sauer P226   9MM
Springfield XD Mod2 Tactical   9MM
Springfield 1911 M1A   9MM
Springfield 1911 Range Officer   45ACP
Springfield XD 9 SC   9MM
Springfield XDM 9 – 4.5″   9MM
Springfield XDM-40 – 4.5″   40S&W
Springfield XDS 3.3″   45ACP
Remington R51   9MM
Remington 1911 R1   45ACP
Remington 870   12GA
Remington 870   20GA
Tikka T3   308