Trades & Consignments

Have a firearm you no longer want, or need?                                                                    We accept qualified firearms in purchase, trade, or consignment.


Bring in the firearm that you are interested in trading, as well as any thing that goes with it.  We will thoroughly inspect your firearm, consult blue book as well as other resources, and give you our best trading price based on the condition, and current value of your firearm.


We will thoroughly inspect your firearm, discuss possible price ranges, and whether consignment is a good option for your needs or not. If we find that it is, both parties will sign a sixty-day consignment contract. If your consigned item is sold and final payment is made by the buyer, you will be contacted and payment made to you within 7 business days in the form of a check. You may pick up your check at ProShots, or elect to have your payment mailed.  If your item is not sold, then by Federal law you, as the consignor, must produce a permit or be subject to a NICS check to retrieve your firearm.