League Results Week 7

February 22, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

Check this out…..FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, WE HAVE A PERFECT 2 TARGET SCORE….Katherine was impressive as she nailed all 50 shots scoring 500; congratulations!

With 1 week to go, Carol, Dave and Katherine are now in the top 3 slots.  This could get even more interesting as James has an opportunity to shoot his make-up and Colleen is right on their heels.

We invite the league shooters to join us in the classroom next week after they shoot for awards and refreshments.

Free Seminars on Tuesdays

February 20, 2017   |   Posted By: Kim Kinder   Share Share

Back by popular demand, we are offering free seminars on Tuesdays from 7p to 8p in February and March.  Our fun and informative instructors have selected some interesting topics.  Get signed up today at proshots.training

NC Concealed Carry Refresher – Feb 21

Silencer Q&A – Feb 28

Situational Awareness & Safety – Mar 7

Protecting Your Digital Life – Mar 14

New Shooter Orientation – Mar 21

Assembling a First Aid Kit for the Range – Mar 28


Winter League Week 6 Results

February 15, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

This week’s top shooters were Dave and Colleen with a score of 480 followed by Jill and Katherine with 470. With only 2 weeks left to shoot,  Andy, Mike, Pops and Bill all have scores that need to be made up. Please let Larry know that you need to do these make ups before shooting.  

Winter League Week 5

February 8, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

Even though Carol, Dave, & James all shot a 460 this week, Bill & Katherine actually had the best targets, shooting 470s!   Great job!  

Since next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, if you cannot make it to the league you can always come in and do a make-up shoot. 

Winter League Week 4 Results

February 1, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

We have reached the half way point in our winter league and Carol has taken the lead.  Dave, James and Ben are all putting up a fight to stay on top and could easily take the lead over the next few weeks.

We have seen several new faces this season and we would like to thank everyone that participates for being great competitors and a friendly, welcoming group.

We look forward to seeing you all again next week.