Winter League Week 3 Results

January 28, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

This is the time in each league where practice can make all the difference.  There is now a 2 way tie for first place with Dave and James battling it out for the top slot, followed closely by Ben. 

Smith & Wesson Shield Package

January 25, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

The Smith and Wesson Shield is one of our most popular concealed carry firearms. It has a great feel and for the price it is a great option for those looking for a reliable and accurate sub-compact 9mm, 40 or even a .45ACP.

This week we have a package on the 9mm S&W Shield with our without manual safety that you don’t want to miss:

Winter League Week 2 Results

January 18, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

As we expected, these league shooters are moving up and down in the rankings.  Dave and Ben are still holding down the top 2 spots but  Paul has moved into 3rd. I would not count out 10th – 12th places because they are missing some scores. Once they get this week made up,  it’ll be a lot closer!

Winter League Week 1 Results

January 12, 2017   |   Posted By: Chris Beckman   Share Share

Winter league has started; check out this video!  It is NOT too late to join in on the “clowning around”.

We saw a few new faces and the return of some great shooters for this Winter’s competition.